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Working at LiveLike was an incredible opportunity that pushed my limits in terms of design and art direction. When I joined the company, they were undergoing a complete revamp and struggling to implement their new brand while also restructuring their website. With my background in UI and web design, I took the initiative to create wireframes that brought the content manager's ideas to life. This quickly led to me being entrusted with the entire website revamp project.


In this role, I had the responsibility of developing site maps, wireframes, mock-ups, and assets for the new website. Collaborating closely with web developers, we managed to complete the project in a remarkably short time. It was an eye-opening experience that showcased my problem-solving skills and ability to manage projects effectively.


Following the website redesign, I took charge of creating design assets for various purposes, such as social media, presentations, events, internal files, and print materials. I oversaw all aspects related to the website, ensuring that everything remained up to date. Additionally, I also created numerous videos for social media using Adobe Premiere, effectively enhancing our online presence and engaging our target audience. While I had the pleasure of working on diverse projects across different departments, my primary collaboration was with the marketing department.

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